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Can Blogs Make Money in 2022

The biggest question to ask can you still make money blogging in 2022. In short the answer is yes, whether you have an existing blog or looking to start a new one.


Let’s first start by looking at what is the primary function of your blog. Are you running it like a hobby or a business, because in either case the amount of money you can make blogging is going to be different.


SEO state the best way to optimize a page is with a minimum of two internal facing links and two external facing links. So this is the perfect opportunity to point users to your shop or affiliate links. Alternatively your can utilize your internal links to point them to another one of your blog posts.

Make Money With Hobby Blog

If you have a passion for something and just want to blog about it then it is more difficult to get the volume of traffic required to sustain an income. Let’s say you post once in a while vs regularly then your audience becomes harder to retain and users prefer consistent content or they lose interest. This also holds true for search engines like Google as when they crawl your site Google looks at the content and analysis it.

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Viewers is key to making money in 2022 because if you monetize the website everything in based on viewers and the conversion rate. SEO optimization is also important even in 2020 for crawlers to rank your site.

Make Money With Business Blog

If you are looking to build a consistent income stream on your blog in 2022, then you have to run in like a business. That means you have to totally change the way you think and passion doesn’t play as big of a part. I am not saying you should not write about things you are passionate about but if fact you need to write about things you audience is passionate about.

When you think about posting you want to write about:

  • Content your audience is interested in.
  • Things that are important at the time, not 6 months ago.
  • Good blog post format – research the best way to write a post.
  • Make sure the blog article are at least 1500 words to rank.
  • Optimize the articles based on good SEO practices.

Blog Monetization

Now this is the hard part. Your audience comes to your blog site for one of a few reasons.

  • To be entertained
  • To answer a question
  • To research a product
  • Etc

Now there are a few ways to monetize your blog site, affiliate products, you own products, drop shipping products, Google Adsense and etc.


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Now there are a few ways to monetize your blog site, affiliate products, you own products, drop shipping products, Google Adsense and etc.


The key thing to do is to place the appropriate products in line with the content you are writing about. An example, is if someone is there researching a product then you would want to capitalize on the opportunity to sell them that product through an affiliate link or if someone is there to answer a question then you can offer them a training course.

Blog Promotion

A big difference from a hobby blogger vs a business blogger is the use of other business tools to drive traffic like social media. You tend to find that business bloggers are more organized and consistent on how they handle their time. After all time is money, so say you are want to make money then you have to start thinking of your blog as a business and develop a business plan

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  • Business plan could consist of 60% of your time goes to writing posts and 40% of your time goes to social media.
  • Sign up for social media site, say Pinterest and Facebook are good to start with to promote blog articles.
  • If you have a budget to start with you can advertise to get traffic to your blog but if budget is tight then posting often on Pinterest and Facebook would be good to drive traffic. A good way to increase visibility would be to join Pinterest or Facebook groups so you can benefit from the audience of the group. 

In conclusion, this is just touching the tip of the iceberg and is mostly just a high level to get you thinking in the right direction.

Hope you have enjoyed this content, thanks SEO Marketeer.

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