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Keen to Get Started on YouTube in 2022

When you get started on Youtube as a creator you need to know, what equipment is required in 2022 for a successful Channel. In the short answer it depends on what type of content you plan on creating. Will you be walking and talking, doing product reviews or maybe just vlogging in general?

In this post I will cover off what type of equipment you need as a minimum and what is needed as you grow.

Do I Need to Spend a Lot of Money to Get Started on YouTube?

When first starting out you do not need to run out and buy an expensive Youtube camera kit or a laptop. To get started on YouTube you can just use your smart phone and a mobile app to do your video editing, especially if you are just doing Youtube Shorts.

Most smart phone cameras are very good or at least good enough to get started. The one thing to keep in mind on most smart phone it the rear camera usually has a much higher pixel rate then the front facing camera. Your smart phone can be mounted on a tripod if stationary or a selfie stick if you plan on vlogging on the go.

There is a good amount of free phone apps on the market, like Canva for your thumbnails and InShot for video editing. I am sure with a little research you can find a free app that works well.

Now as time goes on you will find that you will want to get better equipment like an external microphone or a lighting kit.

What to Look for in a Youtube Camera Kit

When looking for a good Youtube camera kit, I would suggest doing some research to make sure the camera you purchase fits your creative requirements. The reason I say this is cameras tend to be a very expensive purchase.

When it comes to cameras there are a few types, point and click and ones with interchangeable lenses. A good option for point and click is the Sony ZV-1 which comes with a good built-in microphone with wind screen and ND filter, so if you are shooting outside and what something simple that maybe a good choice.

If you prefer to go with an interchangeable lens camera then there are so many choices. Canon and Sony make some great cameras with good color; however, they are not going to be on the cheap side. With interchangeable lenses you can get the right shot by changing out the lens oppose to a fixed point and click where you are limited.

Camera features to consider:

  • Flip out display
  • External microphone jack
  • Light weight is you will be carrying it around
  • Image Stabilization
  • Battery life
  • Lens prices, which can cost a lot more than the body

How Critical is Good Youtube Audio

When it comes to Youtube audio, this might be just as important as the video and, in some cases, even more important. Make sure you either have a good microphone built into your camera or better yet go out and get a good quality external microphone.

If you are going to be stationary at a desk or a room, you would probably want to look for a computer microphone like a Jetty Blue. If you want to get the microphone closer to your mouth you can get a mountable microphone on an adjustable articulated metal arm. 

If vlogging on the go, you would want to get a good mobile microphone, like maybe a Rode VideoMic. These microphones generally come with a wind screen and mount to your camera shoe. This provides good audio outdoors when you are walking around. An alternative is to get a wireless microphone like a Rode Wireless GO, which allows you to get further away from your camera and still have crystal clear audio.

This is where it is important choosing a camera that it has an external microphone jack.

Tripods and Selfie Sticks to Get Started on Youtube?

When you get started on YouTube, you can hold your camera or smart phone in your hand but that will soon become a risk to get the right shots or possibly even drop your device.

Tripods: there are several different tripods on the market depending once again how you will be using it. There are tripods that are floor stands that elevate higher up and there are tripods that can sit on a desk but also serve as a handheld selfie stick.

In either case do a little research and find the best one that fits you needs. There is always the option of getting different tripods for different applications, especially if you plan on doing product reviews and want multiple camera angels.

Selfie Sticks: these are pretty self-explanatory, you would use these if walking around and vlogging on the go. The key difference would be a light weight one that you would use for a smart phone or a heavier weight one that you would use to hold up a camera.

When choosing a tripod or a selfie stick consider the accessories you plan on attaching. Whether it be a microphone, or a light make sure it is what you require or you will be fumbling around trying to make things work.

What Type of Video Editing Equipment and Software

When choosing the best video editing equipment this can be expensive. You will want to get yourself a good Laptop or Desktop that can handle the video graphics. You can find on under $1000 that would do the trick so just do a little research.

Video editing software is another thing you will have to learn and unfortunately all video editing software are very different. Learning how to properly video edit is key to putting out quality videos. There are a good number of free versions to get you started, for example DaVinci Resolve or VSDC.

If money is no object, then you can go out and purchase Adobe Premier Pro, which is an awesome software and take away a lot of the manual headaches.

Youtube Setup Background and Lighting

Depending on the environment you plan on shooting in you might require and Youtube setup background. What does that mean, if you are shooting indoors and do not have a room setup specifically for your videos, you might want some sort of backdrop. These come in a number of different sizes and colors so go out and check them out.

When you want to get rid of all the background all together then you can use a green screen. Then in the video editing you can use the Chroma Key filter to remove the background altogether and possibly replace it with a virtual background.

ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO GET GOOD VIDEO IS LIGHT. Lighting is critical to your camera to get the right video and color. There are several different type of lighting mechanisms out there from light bars, to light rings, light boxes and mobile lighting. They all have their application so try to choose the best for the video content you will be creating.

To Get Started on Youtube is Easier Than You Think!

What do you need to get started on Youtube in 2022 is simple, all you need is an idea and some passion.

In this guide, you’ve learned what types of equipment is out there to start on Youtube and what options there are. Now Let’s go!

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