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Start a Channel and Make Money on YouTube in 2022


In this article I will show you how to make money on YouTube in 2022 even in the saturation market. I will cover off the following topics to get you started.

  1. Find yourself a niche
  2. Setup Your YouTube Channel
  3. Post videos
  4. Video SEO
  5. Promote your videos
  6. Get Monetized
  7. joining the YouTube Partner Program

Find Your Video Niche and Make Money on Youtube

When it come to finding a YouTube video niche this is where it gets complicated. You need to figure out what is your channel going to be about or what story do you want to tell or share. I suggest looking at this as three categories to choose from if you want to make money on YouTube:

  • How-to or tutorial videos
  • Informational – travel or cooking
  • Entertaining – just day to day vlogging

Once you decide what category you want to express on your channel then you can move on to figuring out your niche. A good tip would be to pick something you have knowledge in and interest you. Compassion is a powerful resource to building a great YouTube channel.

If you are looking for help you can see what other YouTube creators are doing that might help with some YouTube channel ideas.

Now a YouTube niche is another difficult decision as you don’t want it to niched down as well as too broad that not one can figure out what you are all about.

Example of too niched down would be Automobile Tires, you can cover off the different model tires and what one are good for high speeds and what ones are good for traction but the content would be limiting. You can see where I am going, you will run out of ideas for video content pretty fast.

An example of too broad would be a general channel like with maybe John Smith. On this channel you post YouTube videos on just varies content like how to make a pizza one day and bee hives the next. In this scenario people would not know what you stand for.

The goal to a perfect YouTube niche would be something that you can grow and develop a audience with.

Setup Your YouTube Channel

Setting up a YouTube Channel is free and easy, just go to and login with your Google account. If you don’t have a Google email then you can go and get one of them for free as well.

Once you have the niche and channel access, just go to “Customization”, there you will find three tabs.

Layout: This is where you can pick a Channel Trailer to display on your home screen for people who are not one of your YouTube Subscribers. You can create a custom short trailer about you and what you channel stands for or you can use one of your popular videos. You also have the option to show a video to your returning Subscribers other than your Channel Trailer.

Branding: In this tab you can display a Profile Picture, a Banner Image and add a Video Watermark to your videos. You should not neglect this area as it is the first appearance your viewers will see.

Basic Info: This is another key area where you get to write a quick overview of yourself and what you Channel will be about. Another tip is to tell you audience, how often you are going to post a new video, so they know when to toon in to see the next one. Lastly on the Basic Info tab you can add Links to some of your other social media accounts to share with your viewers.

Now Get Started Posting YouTube Videos

Now come the hard part, creating YouTube videos that you interest your viewers. You need to spend time investigating what your videos will be about. Using tools like Google Trends or keyword planner may help you get started with some good ideas. A good trip is to see what is working for other content creators.

Video editing is another thing you need to familiarize yourself with. There are some good free video editing software and mobile apps to help you get started. I use VSDC and DaVinci Resolve for most of my editing. You can even download youtube videos if you want to play around or maybe go to some free sites like Pixabay to download video clips.

Spend some time on the videos and make sure they are going to catch your viewers attention and keep them coming back for more. A question that always gets asked is how long should my YouTube video be? That is a difficult answer, it should be long enough to get what you want across but not too long that it seems like you are rambling on. A good rule to get started is to make you videos 8 minutes or longer. YouTube logarithms like videos between 8 to 10 minutes long. Once again, a trick is to see what length other YouTube creator are posting similar videos.

Make sure you write a script and practice until you get it down. You want to sound like you are speaking naturally and not fumbling along to find the right words. If you feel comfortable you can use a teleprompter but that take practice not to sound like a robot.

Just have fun and always stay positive and you are on your way and will make money on YouTube.

How often should you post? That is a good question, the best answer is consistently. Meaning twice a week every week. Your YouTube Subscribers are more likely to stay interested in your Channel if you post consistently so they know when to view in for the next video. As a new YouTube creator some feel it is best to post videos more often. So maybe think shorter videos but more of them.

One thing some creators neglect is audio, that as important and the video quality. So get your self a good camera and microphone setup.

Now you are ready to upload well you need to make sure you have a great YouTube Thumbnail. You want to make sure you stand out from the crowd. YouTube viewers like to see your face on the Thumbnail but if you are not comfortable showing you face, then just make sure it is good. Canva is a good free place you can go and create a thumbnail and it is free.

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The Importance of YouTube Video SEO

In today’s world, the importance of YouTube video SEO or search engine optimization is critical to your success. There are three SEO strategies to consider when starting a YouTube Channel in 2022:

  1. Channel SEO which is key to get viewers to your YouTube Channel. Make sure you have keywords in your Channel Description and you can make money on YouTube.
  2. YouTube Video SEO, this is very important if you want YouTube viewers to find you in the organic searches. Write a good description with keywords that are relative to the video content.
  3. In Video SEO, this is something to focus on when writing your script. The YouTube AI will scan your video content and analyze what you say in the video, at least the first few minutes. So it is good to have your keyword phrases in the beginning of the video to return the right results.

If You want to Make Money on YouTube You Need to Promote Your Videos

Now if are fortunate enough for your YouTube Channel to just blow up with organic searches and viral content then you are lucky but that is usually never the case. So with that said you will need to promote your YouTube videos. A good way to get started are to pick free social media site or two that you can promote your videos.

Two good sites are Pinterest and Facebook, they allow you to post on their site and direct viewers to your links. The one thing is to focus 60-65% of your time on your YouTube Channel and 35-40% of your time promoting on social media.

Alternatively, you can pay to get traffic to your YouTube Channel but YouTube terms and conditions say you can not buy view or you run the risk of getting your Channel shutdown. So, if you want a paid option you can buy Google Ads, as you know Google owns YouTube and they allow their paid views to be used.

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How to join the YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program is free to sign up for however in order to be accepted, the YouTube Partner Program requirements is to have 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Hours. This sounds easy but it can take a while to get there, especially reaching the watch hours.

Once you meet those two requirements you can then apply to be a YouTube Partner. The process takes about 30 days but, in some cases, you will find out sooner so be patient. YouTube will evaluate your Channel and you content to make sure their advertisers would be happy to have their ads running on your videos.

It is a good idea when your application is pending it to post videos as usual and not just sit pack and wait for it to get approved. YouTube will look to see if you not only have good content but that you are posting consistently.

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Monetize Your Channel to Make Money on YouTube

Once you are accepted into the YouTube Partner Program you can now have ads placed on your videos and make money on YouTube. YouTube Ads can be placed at the beginning and end of the videos if they are less then 8 minutes long. If your videos are over 8 minutes, then you can place ads in the middle of the video. That is why are recommended earlier in this article videos be at least 8 minutes long.

How many views do you need to make money on YouTube, that is a hard one to answer as there are factors what type of content you have and what country is viewing it. There are some estimation calculators, but they are not going to be that accurate.

That is just using YouTube Ads, another way to monetize your videos is to place affiliate link in the description text. However, you should make sure it is relative to your video content as not to violet the YouTube terms and conditions. Also, it helps if you reference the link within your video.

In Conclusion

Hope this help you get started on your YouTube journey but there is so much more I can cover off. It is a great place to start a business as a content creator or just to have fun sharing with your family and friends.

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