How to Promote Affiliate Links with Social Media

How to Promote Affiliate Links with Social Media

Social media has become the primary way for web developers to promote an affiliate brand. Affiliates need to drive traffic to their blog  to promote affiliate links and seamlessly share referral links to their built-in audience of followers.

In this article, we’ll cover the key social media platforms I use for affiliate marketing in 2021. Let’s get started.

Instagram – Instagram is a good social media site to post your life experiences and get followers but to me it is not really a great platform to monetize your websites. While you can post images and stories to drive traffic to your site, it is not the best place to put up affiliate links. One of the big reasons is you can only post a single link to your website and not individual products

Twitter – This is a good social media site for you to post up content that is clickable but for the most part the people on there are looking to collaborate and not be spammed. It is a great place to see what some other people are doing and if you had a question the community would be more than willing to share their advice, just have to ask. But all in all I am not share how much traffic you would get unless you had something to offer.

Pinerest – Now this is one of my favorite site to post affiliate content as you can post ads and small video of products and drive traffic directly to your website. Now it is best if you have your own website or landing page because it is against the Pinerest rules to directly post affiliate links. Still all in all this is probably the best, but your have to post quite often because if you don’t it seem the impressions drop drastically.

Quora – Recently I started with this site so I don’t really have a lot of insite on this one. I went down the route of setting up a Quora space which is getting view already. This is a great platform as you can post your blog posts and affiliate product by just putting in the links. Simple and quick as you don’t have to make pins or anything like you do with other sites.

Listly – this one I have been adding content to for a while but rarely see any action. Maybe I am doing something wrong, if any of you are having success with Listly please leave me a note in the comments. The key to all of these sites is to spend the time promoting your content as like all of them they require suffient work to drive traffic to you affiliate website.

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