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Squarespace vs WordPress, Which is Better 2022

Are you ready to get started and looking to create a website? If you are looking at starting a blog or ecommerce site then choosing between Squarespace and WordPress is always a difficult choice. I am going to cover some pros and cons of Squarespace and WordPress in this article.

Squarespace is a website builder that offers incredible template designs. It’s easier to use than WordPress, because you are not required to be a coder and Squarespace takes care of the techy stuff for you. 

WordPress is a content management system or CMS that offers tons of options and customization – if you are comfortable with sourcing your own web hosting and learning to work with a ton of plugins then maybe WordPress is right for you.

After my long career of web development and comparing the top website building platforms out there, I know the differences between Squarespace and WordPress. Read on for my high level breakdown, and to find out which of these is best for you.

Squarespace is for you if…

You want to form a web site with no hassle and wish to line it up fairly quickly. It’s also better if you’re not too tech-savvy, because it doesn’t require you to write down one line of code! If you would like to grasp exactly what proportion your website will cost you. We recommend going with Squarespace, since its transparent pricing plans won’t catch you off guard. This can be the go-to platform for high-quality, stunning template designs, which help your site to square out from the gang. 

WordPress is better for you if…

You need extra support for your large, content-heavy website. It’s an ideal choice for anyone looking to completely customize their site from a blank canvas, and doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty with code! With powerful blogging tools and limitless third-party plugins to decide on from, you’ll have full control over the end result. If you’re not suspend by technical tasks like hosting, security, or updates, then WordPress is that the thanks to go.

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Squarespace vs WordPress Quick Comparison

If you’re trying to find a fast roundup of all the points we cover during this guide, here’s a side-by-side comparison table of WordPress and Squarespace. It weighs up the platforms in each category to assist you opt which one is best for your site’s needs.

Squarespace vs WordPress




Ease of Use

A very user-friendly, drag-and- drop website builder. You can build a website without knowing how to code or hiring anyone for help.

Steep learning curve, especially if you are a beginner. You need to know how to code and be technically savvy, or hire someone who is.

Design  Comparison

Stunning, customizable designer templates built with great user experience in mind.

Smaller range of in-built features – more reliant on third party plugins for extra functionality.

Features Comparison

A range of in-built features with impressive quality covering a variety of areas. New features are regularly added and updated.

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Apps and Plugins

The most important apps are all fully integrated into Squarespace already, which means they’re all compatible and updated. Additional apps are high quality, but there aren’t a ton to choose from.

Thousands of plugins to choose from to install to your WordPress site. Endless extra functions available. However, this can be risky due to outdated and poor quality plugins.

Ecommerce Comparison

Built-in sales features, including great inventory size, but slightly lacking in apps and payment options.

Difficult to navigate and lacking in customer support. But if you can figure it out, it’s a powerful, customizable platform.

Blog Comparison

Good choice of blogging templates and tools to get you off the ground, but simply not as robust as the blogging resources that WordPress has.

Tailored for blogging, with a wide supply of plugins and built-in features. Also has a community of bloggers, and lets you leave comments on other WordPress blogs.

Squarespace vs WordPress: Conclusion

Overall, i like to recommend Squarespace over WordPress. especially if you’re a beginner There are some main reasons why Squarespace would be my choice: 

  • It’s plenty easier to use, with no coding skills required
  • You get to decide on from stunning designer templates
  • There are way more built-in tools, so you don’t must search around for any plugins

WordPress is, of course, an excellent choice for personalisation and taking your blog to the subsequent level, but Squarespace gives you a good amount of creative freedom whilst offering a hand along the way.

Let’s do one last look so you can pick the perfect platform for your requirements:

When to Use WordPress Instead of Squarespace

  • You’re building a fairly large website
  • You want complete customization
  • You take a very hands-on approach to running your site
  • You understand coding, or willing to learn
  • You want really powerful blogging tools
  • You don’t need to get your site live quickly
  • You’re not put off by technical tasks such as hosting, security, or updates

When to Use Squarespace Instead of WordPress

  • You want a stunning website without too much complication
  • You need a site up and running fairly quickly
  • You need an easy-to-manage site
  • You want set pricing
  • You’re not confident with code or plugins
  • You want all-in-one website without having to purchase plugins
  • You want to focus on your goals, rather than on maintenance
  • You like the security of dedicated, 24/7 support

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