Tips to Grow Your Youtube Channel 2021

Tips to Grow Your Youtube Channel 2021

Take your YouTube videos to the next level in 2021, there are some key areas to cover outside of creating high-quality content. So, take a look at our YouTube S.E.O. guide and details on how to optimise your YouTube videos for S.E.O.

These are the steps to a successfullo channel:

• Optimise your YouTube channel description for S.E.O
• Add a Channel video
• Focus keywords
• Optimise the title tags of your video
• As always the thumbnail is key
• Optimise the description,
• Add relevant S.E.O. tags for YouTube rankings
• Make longer YouTube videos
• Keep people engaged and encourage more of it
• Add an End Screen
• Strategically place Cards in your videos
• Add closed captions
• Create backlinks
• Promote on social media

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