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Tips to Grow Your Youtube Channel 2021

Take your YouTube videos to the next level, there are some key areas to cover outside of creating high-quality content to grow your Youtube Channel. So, take a look at our YouTube SEO guide and details on how to optimise your YouTube videos for SEO.

These are the steps to take to ensure a successfull Youtube channel:

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Optimise Your YouTube Channel Description for SEO

This is one area people tend to overlook but yet it is critical to success. You want people to be able to find your channel and what you stand for as well as what kind of content you will be providing.

Add a Youtube Channel Video

You can post targeted video or one of your more popular ones in your Youtube Channel.

But it is better to post one that explain who you are and let your audience know what your content will be about and how often you will be posting.

Add Focus Keywords

On a basic level, consider YouTube as another form of search engine but for videos. To rank better in the search results, you need to focus on hitting the keywords people are searching for.

Optimise the Title Tags of Your Video

Including your focus keyword in the title is one of the best ways to ensure you meet YouTube’s numerous ranking factors.

As Always the Thumbnail is Key

This is critical if you want people to click on your video as well as driving them to your Youtube Channel. It has to be eye catching and paint a good picture of what your content is all about.

Try not to make it too clickbaity or people will leave you video after a few second and this will hurt your rankings.

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Optimise the Description

Aim to write around 250 words.

  • Include your focus keywords towards the beginning of the text.
  • Don’t copy and paste other content into this section. Make it unique!
  • Direct viewers to your social media and website if relevant.
  • Give viewers a little reminder to subscribe to your channel.

Add Relevant SEO Tags to Boost YouTube Rankings

In the tags section, add relevant SEO tags and include variations of your focus keyword here. 

You can use a Youtube tag generator or a good trick is to see what other recent videos are using. Go to youtube and search similar content, look for other influencers on their Youtube Channels that don’t have a lot of subs but have a lot of views.

Make Longer YouTube Videos

There is always a conversation about how long should videos be to rank higher.

In the short answer they should be just long enough to keep your audiences’ attention. Depending on the niche a video between 8-10 minutes performs well.

Keep People Engaged and Encourage More of It

This goes without saying, You could have the best title and description in the world, but if the video doesn’t keep people interested, then you’re back to square one. The is not a matter of publishing one viral video but all the video on your Youtube Channel need to be good quality.

Add an End Screen

This will take them to your similar content and hopefully get more views by displaying relevant content. The goal of your Youtube Channel is to keep people watching you content and not just one video.

Strategically Place Cards in Your Videos

This is a tricky one as you don’t want to place them too soon or your audience will click off the video they are watching.

Also it is good to reference them within the video, like if you want to know how-to, go and watch this previous video I put out and point up at it.

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Add Closed Captions

This feature is not just a great user experience factor; Google and YouTube also crawl it so it could help improve your overall SEO efforts.

Create Backlinks

Linking to your videos from other places is a great way to improve your technical SEO efforts.

I personally use my blog to post backlinks to my youtube videos. This is always a good way to drive traffic, especially if you get a lot of website views.

Promote on Social Media

This works well on some social media platforms, however one like Facebook and Instagram don’t really allow promoting through links.

Pinerest is a good platform to promote your blog post where you can embed you Youtube video.

In Conclusion - The Final Tip

As promised the final tip is to add the SEO focused keywords into your scripts. We now know that Youtube is analysing your content with their AIs and picking up on the keywords within your videos as well as the content and it’s originality. So it is key to the Youtube Algorithms to have SEO content within your videos as well as outside them.

I hope this helps you with your Youtube Channel.

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